Interested in joining the club? We are always looking for new members in any of the following categories:


Active members are those 15 years of age or over, with a Bronze Medallion, who conduct regular patrols of our beach.


The Award Member category is for those members who wish to assist with patrol activities and public safety, but do not hold a Bronze Medallion. These members typically gain awards in areas such as first aid and resuscitation, or radios.


Cadets are members aged 13-15. They will gain the Surf Rescue Certificate, and will take the first step towards being an active member.

Junior Activities:

This is our membership for those aged 5-13 who are involved with the Nippers program.


This is the membership category for those adults who wish to be members of the club, but do not wish to be involved in active lifesaving duties. It is generally for parents of junior members, or those from the community wishing to have some affiliation with the club.